About Submit Your Vote

In 2006, 3 guys had an idea to create a voting site. It was 2 years out from the 2008 election and we found that the domain submityourvote.com was available for 10 bucks!

We launched in the summer of 2007 to some fanfare, but our standard voting site soon got lost in the hundreds of other voting sites going live at the time.

Our “pivot” moment happened in November, 2012, when we realized that individuals and organizations could use the poll format as a new way to communicate.

We re-launched the site based on this new idea in March, 2013.

The goal of Submit Your Vote is to get the world talking in a new way – not only on the web, but also on the streets, in the shops, in the schools, everywhere.

Start sending the world your message in the new poll format!

Thanks for visiting.

The SYV Team